Tracking Carbon: How Plan A provides companies with carbon data and insights

Plan A manages and analyses the carbon footprint of companies such as BMW, Societe General or BCG DV. We talked with Lubomila, Plan A CEO and Co-Founder about the developments on the carbon market and concrete options for companies to reduce their footprint.
We’ve hit a milestone recently that many thought would take some more years to achieve: Carbon prices have surpassed 100 USD in Europe recently and are flirting with the 100 EUR mark as of today. So carbon emissions are finally hitting corporate balance sheets and income statements. This means that we need real, honest action against emissions. And for that, we need transparency. Not just for holding firms accountable. But also in order to give companies the visibility they need to trigger actual action. So we called Lubomila Jordanova, Co-Founder of Plan A, a tech startup that helps companies to document and map their carbon footprint, analyse it through AI and provide recommendations where to take action. Plan A has received venture financing from leading venture capitalists such as HV Capital in Germany, Demeter, coparion and Softbank. It’s last financing round of 10M USD in November last year brought its total financing to 15M USD.


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